Gameday Road Closures

Gameday Road Closures

Beginning with the first home CU football game verses Furman, College Avenue will be closed to vehicular traffic between Keith St. and Hwy. 93 on Friday nights during the time of 9:00pm to 3:00am.  Over the past years the Clemson downtown area has become increasingly more populated with both pedestrian and vehicular traffic on Friday nights prior to the Saturday home game.  In an effort to promote better pedestrian safety this change is a must.  THE CITY ORDINANCE OF NO OPEN CONTAINERS IS STILL IN PLACE. This change is ONLY to promote pedestrian safety.  CAT buses will reroute their pick up and drop off during the time frame to take place at College Ave. and Hwy. 93.  At 2:00am CAT buses will then be placed in front of both Tiger Town Tavern and The Study Hall to load for passengers leaving the downtown area.

Vehicles parked in the blocked off area will be allowed to leave; however, the Police Department is encouraging persons parked in this area to move their vehicles prior to the 9:00pm closure time.

On game days College Ave. will again this year be shut down at the intersection of Hwy. 93 and College Ave. beginning at the start of the fourth quarter.  NO left turn will be allowed onto College Ave. from Hwy. 93 during this time period and until traffic flow can be opened back up both directions on College Ave.

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