Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian Safety

In the City of Clemson there are a variety of ways to get around, whether walking, riding the CAT BUS, bicycling, or driving a car.  One area of concern is in pedestrian safety.  According to numerous studies, pedestrians being injured in collisions with motor vehicles has dropped dramatically since the 1970’s, however they still represent an area to improve in safety.  Game days show all too well how much of an influx in pedestrian and vehicular traffic can take place.  The City of Clemson has an extensive system of sidewalks, crosswalks, and signage in place for pedestrian use.  Wearing bright, or reflective clothing can help make a pedestrian ten times more visible to motorists at night time.  Everyone using the roads has a responsibility for safety, and pedestrians should pay the most attention to the following safety tips.


-          Avoid crossing a roadway unless using a crosswalk.

-          To observe all traffic before using a crosswalk, even with a signal to cross.

-          To never run, or dash across a crosswalk.

-          Where no sidewalk is present, walking with the flow of traffic is very dangerous, and it dramatically lowers your ability to see and react to any approaching vehicles.

-          Pay attention in parking lots for backing vehicles.

-          Follow all traffic signals.

-          When possible, travel in pairs or groups to increase visibility.

-          Report any crosswalk or signal malfunction to the Police Department immediately.

-          Once again, the most important safety tip is to wear reflective, bright clothing.


The following laws apply to pedestrians in the State of South Carolina, fine amounts for these violations are all approximately $237.50 per offense.  Please confer with the Clemson Municipal Court regarding exact fine amounts for any charge.

56-5-3110 – Pedestrians to obey Traffic Control Device (Walk/Don’t Walk signs)

56-5-3130 – Driver’s shall yield to pedestrians in Crosswalks

56-5-3150 – Unlawful to cross the roadway at non-crosswalks or “jay-walking”

56-5-3160 – Pedestrians to use sidewalks, or walk against traffic flow where no sidewalk is present

56-5-3170 – Pedestrians to not walk upon limited access highways or freeways

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